Evaluate conversations

Understand how conversations are being handled using the Conversation Distribution and Experience and Automation pages.

Use the Experience & Automation or Conversation Distribution pages for a more detailed view of how conversations are handled. Once a user enters the conversation, it is important to understand where the interaction goes from there. Does the user escalate right away? Does the user engage with the bot? This information helps you gain context and insight into containment and escalation numbers, and it provides direction on where to focus your efforts to increase containment.


  • You have a Bot Analytics license.

  • You have the View Experience Automation permission.

  • You have the View Conversation Distribution permission.

Page locations

  • Bot Analytics > Home > Experience and Automation

  • Bot Analytics > Home > Conversation Distribution


Decrease immediate escalations to live agents

Analyze the metrics on the Conversation Distribution page to increase containment for virtual agent conversations, therefore, decreasing escalations to live agents. Many users immediately try to escalate to an agent before seeing if the virtual agent is capable of providing assistance. This can mean agents get bombarded with simple questions that could easily be answered by your virtual agent. Adding an escalation intercept prevents users from immediately being able to escalate to an agent when they enter a chat. This can increase the overall containment and automation of the virtual agent.

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