About conversation distribution

This provides the ability to easily track the distribution of conversation volume between the Virtual Agent (VA) and Live Agent (LA). This feature enables the assessment of return on investment (ROI) of the chatbot program by gauging the number of users successfully handled by the VA versus those requiring LA assistance. Additionally, this page can be leveraged to analyze performance, optimize processes, and generate accurate reports for various stages of the conversion funnel, allowing for enhanced optimization. The page is available to all user groups.


  • You have a Bot Analytics license.
  • You have the View Conversation Distribution permission.

Page location

Bot Analytics

Conversation distribution

You can view the distribution of conversational volume at two levels using the filter on the page, depending on the origin source that you want to select:

  • Total conversations

  • Conversations that contain a topic

By default, Total Conversations is the selected origin source.

The topics identified are available to view under the Conversation Topics tab.

You can adjust global filters by date, brand, channel, conversation handled by, language, device, agent queue, agent group, and agent ID to have the total volume, % of volume, and % change filtered to selection.