About intent performance

The Intent Performance page pulls together all of the data necessary to understand overall intent performance and provides opportunities to prioritize and improve under-performing intents.


  • You have a Bot Analytics license.
  • You have the View VAA Intent Performance permission.
  • The Intent Performance page is available to customers with natural language understanding (NLU) bots.

    NOTE   GenAI-only bots do not have intents for intent performance.

Page location

Bot Analytics > Virtual Agent Analytics > Intent Performance

Intent performance features

The Intent Performance page has the following features:

  • Visible metrics such as issues, times presented, false positives, bot repetition, similar and low-quality utterances, and last updated

  • Metrics that are hidden by default, such as confidence, did you mean (DYM), training candidates, and missing channels

  • The ability to show or hide columns based on the required information

  • The ability to save intents for future reference

  • Advanced filtering options

  • Blacklisted intents are available at the bottom of the table by default

You can access the Intent Actions page by selecting an intent in the table on the Intent Performance page. The Intent Actions page displays important information about the performance of the selected intent.

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