Manage gamification performance categories for QM

The Performance Categories page allows you to define a gamification performance group and assign agents to that performance group.

Page location

Application Management > Global > Performance Management > Performance Categories

Create a performance group and assign agents

  1. Choose Create a new performance group.
  2. Enter a unique name for the performance group.
  3. Select the performance metric by which to measure agents in this group.
  4. Select the level group you want to use to define levels.
  5. Select the point range configuration you want to use to define point values.
  6. Select the agents you want to add to this performance group. You can select groups and teams and use the Filter fields to search by name. Use Ctrl+Click to select multiple agents.
  7. Click Save.

Field descriptions

Field Description

Select Performance Group

(“Edit or delete an existing performance group” only) The performance group you want to edit.

Performance Group Name

The name for this performance group.

Group Settings

Select Performance Metric

The metric you want to use to score agents.

  • Quality—Agent performance data from QM evaluations

Select Level

The set gamification badge levels for this performance group.

Select Point Range

The ranges of scores and assigned point values for this performance group.

Performance Group Participants


The groups, teams, and agents assigned to this performance group.

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