Configure gamification levels for QM

Agents can be awarded new badges when they reach the specified point value for a level of achievement. The Gamification Levels page allows you to create level groups, associate a badge with each level, and define a period range for each level. The period range (in days) for each level allows you to control how far back to gather data for scoring.

Page location

Application Management > Global > Performance Management > Levels

You can define at least three levels and at most ten levels. Note that levels are numbered zero through nine. The point value for Level 0 is always defined as “- -,” which indicates any point values lower than Level 1, including negative point values.

Configure gamification levels

  1. Choose Create new badge level.
  2. Enter a unique name for the level ranges.
  3. Enter a period range (in days) from which you want to collect scoring data.
  4. Select the level that you want to edit.
  5. Enter the minimum point value for this level in the Points field.
  6. Select the badge to award for this level.
  7. Click Save.

Field descriptions

Field Descriptions

Select Level

(“Edit or delete an existing badge level” only) The existing badge level you want to edit.


The name of this set of badge levels.

Level Range Definition

Enter the period range for this level

The number of days from which you want to collect scoring data.

Add Level

Add a badge level to the table.


(Read-only) The badge level number.


The number of points required to achieve this level.


The badge graphic associated with this level.

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