Configure QM archive settings

The Archive Configuration page allows you to save or delete your QM archive preferences. Use this page if you want to keep audio and screen recordings after they have reached the end of their retention period. The files exported to the archive server will contain one CSV file and all the related audio and screen recordings. The screen and audio files are decrypted.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • External storage
  • The Administer QM permission

Page location

Application Management > QM > QM Contact Flows > Archive Configuration


Configure QM archive preferences

  1. Select a configured external storage location from the External Storage drop-down list.

    NOTE   External Storage is configured at Application Management > Global > System Configuration > External Storage.

  2. Select a format from the Video Format drop-down list.

    Listed are m4v and webM, the format options for video files only. M4v is a video container format similar to MP4. M4v files have the option of DRM copy protection. WebM video streams are compressed with the VP8 or VP9 video codecs.

  3. Select a format for audio files only from the Audio Format drop-down list.

    WAV audio files are lossless and uncompressed. WebMA audio streams are compressed using the Vorbis or Opus audio codecs.

  4. Select an Archive Time. The time of day when the archive process runs. The format is HH:MM.

    NOTE   The archive process runs once a day only. If you change this setting to a later time after the process runs, it will not run at the new time until the next day.

  5. Select an Archive Mode from the drop-down list.

    Archive Mode options are Audio and Full. Audio exports the audio recordings only. Full exports audio and screen recordings.

  6. Enter a Filename Pattern.
  7. Click Save.
  8. (Optional) Click Delete to remove your archive preferences.

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