Connection settings for RingCX

NOTE   If your organization has New WFM, then New WFM implementations are done in a separate process. A select number of integrated platforms can be configured using the WFM Integrations page (see Manage WFM integrations). If your integrated platform is not listed on the WFM Integrations page, then it requires a project managed by Calabrio Professional Services.

The following fields appear if you select Ring Central as the ACD.

Field Description

ACD Name

ACD Name

The name of your RingCX ACD.

Ring Central Configuration
Account ID Your subAccountId within RingCX for the environment you are configuring. This is not your master RingCentral accountid.
Client ID The client ID associated with the master RingCentral account.
Client Secret

The client secret of the master RingCentral account.


The phone number associated with your RingCentral subaccount user. You must include a + symbol, your country code, and your area code.

EXAMPLE   +19521234567


The password of your RingCentral subaccount user.


The extension number of your RingCentral subaccount user.
Calabrio Configuration

The login name of your Calabrio ONE user.


The password of your Calabrio ONE user.

Metadata Mapping

Add Mapping

This section allows you to define which RingCX metadata values are synced with RingCX contacts into Calabrio ONE. The RingCentral metadata values are mapped to metadata labels created in Metadata Manager (located at Application Management > QM > QM Configuration > Metadata Manager). Metadata fields must first be created in Metadata Manager in Calabrio ONE (see Manage metadata fields for more information).

Follow the Sync RingCX Metadata to Calabrio ONE procedure in the RingCentral Integration Guide to map your RingCX metadata. After you map your metadata it can add a variety of trackable information to a contact in Calabrio ONE.

Metadata fields can be found in the Contact Information Details panel on the Interactions page (Interations tab > select a contact). You can view, edit, or delete a metadata field from your system.

Enable RTE Messaging for Screen Recording

Enable RTE Messaging for Screen Recording

Select this check box to enable Calabrio ONE Smart Desktop for Screen Recording. See Screen Recording for more configuration details.