Manage dynamic scheduling

Dynamic Scheduling: How It Works (length 8:20)

Dynamic Scheduling is an add-on app. This is a new feature that is not yet generally available. If you would like early access to this feature, contact your Calabrio Account Manager.

Agents can use dynamic scheduling to select their availability. Dynamic scheduling uses a point system to encourage agents to choose shift times that are not popular, for example, early or late hours. An administrator creates an availability template. A scheduler uses the availability template to create an availability form. An agent uses the form to enter their availability.

In the Schedules tool in the WFM client, you must select the Dynamic schedule availability check box in the Scheduling session options window when scheduling and when optimizing schedules for agents. If you select several check boxes in the Scheduling session options window, this might cause conflicts in how the schedules are set up. For further information, view the Run automatic scheduling and Optimize schedule articles.

IMPORTANT   If an error message appears after you click Save in the Dynamic Scheduling app, your settings failed to save. Therefore, ensure you fix all errors and click Save again before you navigate to another part of the app.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • Your organization’s Calabrio ONE administrator has coordinated with Calabrio Professional Services, or a supported Calabrio partner has implemented Dynamic Scheduling for your organization.
  • You have a Calabrio ONE user account with a DynamicSchedulingAdmin, DynamicSchedulingScheduler, or DynamicSchedulingAgent role assigned in WFM.

IMPORTANT   You must create these roles with these exact names in WFM.

  • You have Schedules permissions.
  • If you are an administrator, you have API access > Write schedule and API access > Read schedule permissions.

Page location

Add-Ons > Dynamic Scheduling > Open


Log in to the Dynamic Scheduling app

  1. Click Dynamic Scheduling.

  2. Click Open.

  3. If you belong to more than one business unit, select a business unit.

  4. Click Save.