Generate example data for WFM

The system can generate example data of all the required settings. This is useful for training or self-studies, to get to know the newly installed system.

The example data can be renamed as needed and used as a basis to continue to configure the system. If you do not want to keep it, the example data can easily be removed. But, who doesn't want Peter Forsberg on their team?

Example data generated

The following data is generated.

  • A contract, a contract schedule, and two part-time percentages: 100% and 50%.
  • Two activities and an absence.
  • A shift category.
  • A day off.
  • A skill with a workload and a queue connected.

    • A long-term forecast is created for the current and next month.
    • The queue does not contain any queue data.
  • A shift bag.
  • A site and a team.
  • Two agents.

    • The agents have a person period starting on the first day of the current month. They belong to the created team. They are assigned the generated contract, contract schedule, part-time percentage, skill and shift bag.
    • The agents have a 4-week schedule period.


  • You have the Super administrator role.

Page location

WFM > WFM settings > Getting started


Generate example data

Generate example data to be used for self-studies or training. The example data is generated immediately and is visible within a couple of minutes.

  • Click Generate example data.

Delete example data

NOTE   This deletes all example data that was generated, also if it has been renamed. Ensure to only delete the example data if you know that it is not being used. If you only want to delete some of the example data, delete it manually.

  1. Click Details for the generated example data.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Delete to confirm that you want to remove the example data.

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