Access WFM through Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Azure Virtual Desktop is an application virtualization software which allows Windows applications, like the WFM desktop client, to be accessed via individual devices from a shared server or cloud system. Azure Virtual Desktop was previously called Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Open an incognito or guest (Chrome) or InPrivate (Edge) browser window to avoid conflicts with other Windows accounts.
  3. In this browser window, go to the Azure Virtual Desktop login page:

    NOTE   To open in an InPrivate or incognito browser window directly, you can also right-click on the link above and select to open it in InPrivate (Edge) or incognito (Chrome).

    It's possible to create a shortcut to directly access the Azure Virtual Desktop login page in guest mode. See Create a shortcut to AVD for more information.

  4. Log in with the account credentials that you received in the welcome email.

  5. When logged in, you will see the applications which have been published to you. Click the WFM application.

  6. Keep the default settings with the Clipboard, Microphone, Printer, and File transfer check boxes all selected and click Allow.

  7. Then, you will see the application trying to connect.

  8. Enter the same credentials again.

  9. The WFM application is started. Use the WFM credentials, not the credentials. The login procedure is different depending on the setup.

  10. Use the arrows in the top right corner to enter full-screen mode.

  11. Click your account name in the top right corner to log out from the virtual platform.

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