How the WFM licensing model works

The Calabrio WFM license covers a defined number of named agents. A product activation key is applied to your system to activate the WFM functionality that you have access to. The product activation key also specifies the number of named agents it covers and the expiration date.

Calculation of named agents

The license for Calabrio WFM is based on named agents. Named agents are persons for which the following statements are true.

  • They are registered in the People tool.
  • They are scheduled on at least one shift within the default scenario.
  • They have not left their employment, that is they have no Leaving date or it is in the future.

Go to About in the WFM client to view a list of all named agents. See Manage product activation keys for WFM for more information.

If you need to simulate having more agents than what is covered by the product activation key, schedule them in another scenario than the default scenario.

Exceeding the number of named agents

The Calabrio WFM application issues a warning if the number of named agents is exceeded. The system stops working when the number of active agents exceeds the limit defined in the product activation key. The limit might include a grace percentage.

Product activation key expiration date

The Calabrio WFM application issues a warning 15 days before a product activation key expires. If the product activation key expires, the product stops working.

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