How QM and Analytics licenses work

Licenses grant you legal access to use Calabrio ONE. You use licenses to link the functionality of Calabrio ONE with its roles and permissions.

Licensing model

Calabrio has a licensing model with subscription billing and uncommitted licenses for Calabrio ONE-hosted deployments.

When you purchase a subscription to Calabrio ONE, you agree to what Calabrio calls a “minimum monthly commitment”: a minimum number of seats bought at a particular price. If you use more seats than you agree to in your monthly commitment, Calabrio bills you for each of them. This is called an “uncommitted license.”

Calabrio bills you periodically, on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

EXAMPLE   You have a minimum monthly commitment of 100 QM seats, which satisfies your requirements from February to October. Your contact center is busier during the holiday season (November through January). During this time, you use 150 QM seats, and for these three months you are billed for 100 seats at the committed license rate and for 50 seats at the uncommitted license rate.

Licensing, roles, and permissions

Licenses are linked to the roles that users have in the system. The access that users have to Calabrio ONE functionality is based on their role and the permissions associated with their role. For more information about assigning roles and permissions, see Manage roles and permissions for QM and Analytics.

Each active Calabrio ONE user is associated with one or more licenses and can have one or more roles. Each individual license is called a seat. License seats are counted by the number of active users with that licensed role. All customers must have a set number of seats and licenses for each active user.

Active users can be licensed and have access to Calabrio ONE. Inactive users cannot be licensed or have access to Calabrio ONE. When you switch an active user to inactive, their license becomes available, and you can reassign it to other users.

There are three types of licenses:

  • Data licenses
  • Calabrio ONE Access licenses
  • Performance Coaching license

    IMPORTANT   Performance Coaching is not currently available for purchase.

Data licenses

Calabrio ONE users who have capture functions (primarily contact center agents) are associated with a data license. The default agent role is automatically associated with this license type. Data licenses include the following:

  • Compliance Recording (CR)—Users can be audio recorded and can review their own contacts.
  • Quality Management (QM)—Users can be recorded and evaluated and can review their own contacts and evaluations (QM Data licenses include CR).
  • Analytics—Users can be analyzed and can review analytics data created by their contacts.
  • Interaction Summary—Users’ audio contacts are automatically summarized.
  • Bot Analytics — Users can monitor and improve the performance and quality of your conversational AI products.
  • Data Management—This license is no longer sold.

NOTE   Users with data licenses have limited access to Calabrio ONE functionality. They are restricted to reviewing their own data.

Calabrio ONE access licenses

For each system, Calabrio provides up to five Calabrio ONE access licenses. The Calabrio ONE access license provides a majority of permissions that allow these roles to have access to the full application.

Performance Coaching License

IMPORTANT   Performance Coaching is not currently available for purchase.

Performance Coaching licenses give users access to the Performance Coaching feature. Anyone who uses Performance Coaching needs a license. This includes agents being coached, coaches, and administrators.

Multiple-role user example

A user has an evaluator role associated with a Calabrio ONE access license and an agent role associated with a Quality Management license to capture their own contacts. The evaluator role has some agent functionality and some supervisor functionality. This user is using two licenses: one for Quality Management and one for Calabrio ONE access. In this case, the number of seats available for the Quality Management license and the number of seats for the Calabrio ONE access license both decrease by one. If this user only requires voice recording, a Call Recording license could be used instead of a Quality Management license.

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