View and create bid processes

The topic describes how to create and configure bid processes for shift bidding. If you have not created a bid process before, see How shift bidding works for an overview of how the process works and some important preparations.

The Shift bidding view gives you an overview of all shift bidding processes. The bid processes can be in three different stages.

  • Inactive—This stage is when you configure the bid process.
  • Active—This stage is when the configuration of the bid process is completed, and agents are previewing the shift patterns or placing bids. When the bidding is done, you can make adjustments and then finalize the bid process.
  • Finalized—This stage is when the bid process is completed, the shift patterns are assigned to the agents, and those patterns can be used for scheduling.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Web > Shift bidding permission to view the bid processes.
  • You have the Web > Shift bidding > Manage bid process permission to create and configure bid processes.
  • You have prepared a schedule to use in the creation of shift patterns. See How shift bidding works for more information.

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