Review agent details

This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

Review the details about the rules and restrictions that apply to a specific agent. This is useful when troubleshooting, for example to understand why an agent has not been scheduled.


  • You have the Schedules permission.

Page location

Client > Schedules > Open schedule


Show detailed agent information

  1. Select the Info button. The Info panel is shown on the right side of the window.
  2. Ensure that the Info tab is selected.
  3. Select the agent and day to show details for in the Schedule view. This is important because most of the information on the agent Info tab is based on the selected period. The information can be different if the next day is selected, for example because a new person period or schedule period starts.

Review an agent’s schedule period information

  • The Schedule period tab presents information related to the agent’s schedule period.
  • The dates for the selected schedule period and the targets for that period are shown in the Period section. Any values within parentheses clarify if there is any tolerance for that parameter.
  • The Current section contains information about what is currently scheduled for the agent in this schedule period. Any value that differs from the target for the period is displayed in red.
  • The Schedule period tab also shows information on the number of currently unscheduled days in the schedule period, and the average work time needed for the unscheduled days to fulfill the target.

Review an agent’s restrictions

  • The Restrictions tab displays to what percentage the restrictions are fulfilled and the details for any restrictions that apply on the selected day. You can also follow up on the agent’s personal accounts for different types of absences.
  • The restriction fulfillment calculation is based on the days with restrictions and scheduled shifts in the selected schedule period. For example, if only two days in the schedule period have preferences, the fulfillment is 50% if one of the days is fulfilled.
  • The sections for Availability, Rotations, Hourly availability, Overtime availability, Preference, Shift category limitations and Shift patterns show the detailed restrictions that apply for the selected day.
  • The personal accounts are shown for each type of absence. This gives you an overview of the number of days or hours that the agent has used for the ongoing period and how many that they have remaining. The personal accounts for last year, current year and next year are shown.

Review an agent’s person period information

  • The Person period tab shows information about the selected agent's person period.
  • The Period section presents when the ongoing period started and ends and what team the agent belongs to.
  • The Person skills section shows the agent’s active skills and their proficiency level for those.
  • If there is a limit on Max seats for the site that the agent belongs to, the site shows here.
  • The Person period tab also includes information on the agents Contract, Contract schedule, Part-time percentage, Employment type, Shift bag and Budget group.

Review general information about an agent

  • The Person tab displays general information about the agent, such as their email address, employment number and any note entered for them in the People module.
  • The information on which Workflow control set the agent belongs to, which time zone they are in and what day of the week that the work week starts on can all be interesting when troubleshooting any scheduling issues for this agent.
  • The Optional column section contain the defined values for the selected agent for each optional column in the People module.

Review fairness for an agent

The Fairness tab helps you compare the selected agent’s schedule for the schedule period to the schedules of other agents in the same team or group page. Select which group to compare with at the top of the tab.

Review the percentage of the agent’s scheduled shifts that are of a specific shift category and compare it to what the percentages are for the team or group page and for all agents loaded to schedules. This includes not only the agents you can see, but all agents who have any of the skills that are shown as tabs.

NOTE   The percentages on the Fairness tab are based on the period that is open in the Schedules module and the closest schedule period before the opened period.

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