Handle scheduling issues

The Scheduling result window is shown if not all the selected agents could be scheduled for all selected days. It displays which agents that could not be scheduled and a message that explains why.

Review the list and investigate why these agents could not be scheduled. The information on the Schedule period tab, the Restrictions tab and the Person period tab in the agent Info panel can often help you figure out why the agent could not be scheduled. See Review agent details for more information on the agent Info panel.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Schedules > Automatic scheduling permission.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.
  • You have the Global functions > Modify schedules permission and the underlying Modify assignment permission.
  • The Include troubleshooting information check box is selected when you run the automatic scheduling.

Page location

Client > Schedules > Open schedule


Review scheduling issues

  1. Review the list of scheduling issues and note which agents that were not scheduled.

    If the list is long, you can select the rows and paste them to for example a Word or Excel document to keep track of what you need to follow up on.

  2. Click Close.

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