Filter agents

Use the agent filter in the Schedules module in the Windows client to find the agents to work with. Either select sites, teams or group pages to filter agents or use the advanced filter to filter agents based on a search.

The filter view shows the agents that you selected when you opened the Schedules module. The first tab shows the business hierarchy and the following tabs show the available group pages. It is possible to combine selections from different tabs. For example, select one team on the Business hierarchy tab and select the group "100%" on the Part-time percentage tab to show full-time employees in the selected team.

With the advanced filter you can search for agents by their name, email address, application logon or employment number.

NOTE   The agent filter uses the selected date. Agents can for example change teams or add more skills over time. Ensure to select a relevant date to display the correct information.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Schedules permission.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.
  • You have the Global functions > View unpublished schedules permission.

Page location

Client > Schedules > Open schedule


Filter agents

  1. Click the Agents filter button.
  2. Select a tab, either the Business hierarchy tab or one of the group pages.
  3. Select check boxes to select agents, teams or group pages.
  4. Repeat the previous two steps to combine selections on different tabs.
  5. Click OK.

Search for agents to show

Search for and add one agent at a time.

  1. Click the Agents filter button.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Enter the text to search for in the Search field, for example a name or employment number.
  4. Double-click an agent in the Possible matches section to add them to the Filtered results.
  5. Click OK to show only the agents on the filtered results list in the Schedule view

Search for multiple agents at a time

Use the Multiple tab in the advanced filter to for example paste a string of names, resolve that string to match with agent names and filter out those agents.

  1. Click the Agents filter button.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click the Multiple tab.
  4. Type or paste the text to filter on in the Search field. For example, paste a string of comma-separated names or employment numbers, copied from Excel.
  5. Click Resolve.

    If one part of the text matched with a specific agent, this agent is automatically added to the Filtered results list. If there is any text that couldn't be matched with one agent, it will remain in the Search field. This is because the text either matches with more than one agent or that it doesn’t match with any agent.

  6. Click OK to show the agents on the Filtered results list in the Schedule view.

Remove the filter

To remove the filter and show all agents you have opened again, follow the instruction below.

  1. Click the Agents filter button.
  2. Select the top-level check box on the Business hierarchy tab.
  3. Click OK to show all agents again.

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