Manage limitations on shift categories

Define limits on the number of shifts of a specific shift category that can be scheduled for an agent. The limit can be defined per week or per schedule period.

The shift category limitations are defined on the Schedule periods tab in the People module, but they do not apply to a specific schedule period. If shift category limitations are defined, they apply to all schedule periods for the agent.


Page location

Client > People > Schedule periods tab


Define shift category limitations

NOTE   The scheduler can choose to consider the defined shift category limitations or not when scheduling.

  1. Select the agents to define limitations for.
  2. Select the Limit check box for the shift category to limit.
  3. Select the Per period or the Per week check box to define for which period to apply the limitation. Per period means per schedule period and per week means per calendar week.
  4. Enter the maximum number of shifts of that shift category that can be scheduled for the selected period in the Max column. If you enter 0, no shifts of this category are scheduled.

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