Set default values for the WFM employee import

The employee default values are used when importing new employees. The default values are fall-back values. They are used if no value is defined for those parameters in the import file. The value for the start day of the week can only be set in these settings, not in the import file.

The defined default values are shown in the Import new employees view. There are three default values that are not configurable; time zone, language and date format. For these parameters, the values defined for the user who is doing the import are used as default values.


  • You have the Web > WFM settings > Settings for new employees permission.

Page location

WFM > System settings > Set employee defaults


Set employee default values

  1. Select the Site/team to be used as default.
  2. Select the Contract to be used as default.
  3. Select the Contract schedule to be used as default.
  4. Select the Part-time percentage to be used as default.
  5. Select which day the Work week starts on.
  6. Click Save.

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