Create rotations

Create a rotation to schedule days off, shifts of certain shift categories or shifts with defined start or end times in a recurring pattern. The rotation pattern can extend over several weeks. Create a rotation based on an agent's assigned time zone in the People module. When viewing schedules in the Schedules module, they will display the scheduler's time zone by default but you can change the view point.

Rotations are useful for example to schedule night shifts with day off directly after, as night shifts otherwise are difficult to schedule. They can also be useful to schedule agents to work weekends on a rotating schedule.

Only specify the days in the rotation that are important and leave the other days. This leaves some flexibility for the automatic scheduling to schedule according to the resource need.

The rotations are assigned to agents in People, together with a date and a start week. The start week defines what week in the rotation that is the first week for a specific agent. This makes it possible to use the same rotation for example to schedule agents to work every third weekend, but for different weekends.

EXAMPLE   A four-week rotation is created. On the first 5 days of the rotation, working days with the night shift category are assigned. The same rotation is assigned to all 20 agents in the team with the same start date, but they are given different start weeks. Each agent work nights one week out of four, and each week there are always five agents that works night shifts.


  • You have the Options permission.
  • Shift categories are created.
  • Days off are created.

Page location

Client > Options > Restrictions > Rotations


Create a rotation

  1. Click New rotation.
  2. Enter a Description that defines what the rotation is used for.
  3. Define the number of Weeks for the rotation pattern.
  4. For the days in the rotation where you want to control what to schedule, define one or more of these properties.

    NOTE   Only specify the ones that are necessary.

    • Enter an Early start time, the earliest possible start time.
    • Enter a Late start time, the latest possible start time.
    • Enter an Early end time, the earliest possible end time.
    • Enter a Late end time, the latest possible end time. If the late end time is past midnight, click the clock button to add '''+1''' to indicate this.
    • Enter a Min work time, the shortest possible shift length in contract time.
    • Enter a Max work time, the longest possible shift length in contract time.
    • Select a Shift category if this is a workday and you want to control which type of shift that is scheduled.
    • Select a Day off if this day should be a day off and not a workday.
  5. Click Apply to save.
  6. Continue by assigning the rotation to agents. See Assign rotations to agents for more information.

Delete a rotation

  1. Select the rotation to delete in the Select rotation menu.
  2. Click Delete rotation.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.
  4. Click Apply to save.

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