Import external forecasts

You can import forecasts from external sources. There are three different ways to import forecast data.

  • Import workload—Contains workload information, that is the number of contacts and the average time to handle and wrap up a contact.
  • Import staffing—Contains staffing information, that is the number of agents needed to handle the contacts.
  • Import workload and staffing—Contains both workload and staffing information.

We recommend to only have one workload for the skill you import the forecast to, because it is not possible to select which workload to import to.

NOTE   If you are using Windows Virtual Desktop for access and you experience problems with importing forecast data, contact Calabrio support.


  • You have the Forecasts > Import forecast from file permission.
  • A skill and a workload are created.

Page location

Client > Forecasts > Import forecast


Import forecast data

  1. Right-click on the skill you want to import the forecast to and select Import forecast.
  2. Select which information to import. Select to import workload information, staffing information or both.
  3. Click Browse and select the file to import.

    The file must follow the import file format. See About forecast file formats for more information.

  4. Click Import.

    The import starts running. The progress is shown in the Running background job view. You can close these views. The forecast import continues in the background until it is done. See Review forecast job history for information on how to check that the import is completed.

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