Apply suggested forecast

Each night, a new forecast is generated for tomorrow and the next 59 days. Different forecasting algorithms are evaluated. The algorithm that gives the best result when compared to the actual values for a comparison period is used to generate the forecast that is presented as a suggestion. The suggested forecast contains a new volume, talk time, and after call work time for each interval. Apply the suggested forecast to use it instead of the current one.

  • The suggested forecast that is presented does not take any previously applied override or campaign values into consideration.
  • Applying the suggested forecast does not affect any previously applied override or campaign values.

The action of applying the suggested forecast is tracked in the General Audit Trail. See General Audit Trail report for more information.

It is possible to set up for the suggested forecast to be automatically applied each night. See Generate forecast (web Forecasts tool) for more information.


  • You have the Web > Forecasts permission.
  • A skill is created.
  • There is historical queue data on the queues which are connected to the skill. The queues can be either queues from an ACD integration or queues with imported queue data.

Page location

WFM > Forecasts > Open forecast > Suggestions


Compare current and suggested forecast

Compare the current forecast to the suggested forecast before you choose to apply it.

  • Click any item in the legend to hide it from the chart. This way you can select to only view for example the call volume, making it easier to spot where the suggested forecast differs from the current forecast.
  • Click the item again to show it in the chart.

Apply suggested forecast

Apply the suggested forecast to use it as the basis for scheduling and requests management for the next 60 days.

NOTE   If you chose to apply the suggested forecast, this updates the number of calls, talk time, and ACW for the period. It is not possible to only update some of these values.

  1. Click Apply suggested forecast.
  2. Click OK to confirm.

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