Improve underperforming bot responses

Improve underperforming bot responses using the Response Performance page.

IMPORTANT   This feature is not available if you're on Salesforce Einstein or Microsoft Power Virtual Assistant (PVA).

The response performance page allows you to assess the performances of your virtual agent responses. It prioritizes responses that need assessments or improvements based on issues and metrics such as bot repetition, feedback, and handoffs.

Bot repetition is an indication that the user is in an informational loop with the virtual agent, which can result in a negative experience.

BEST PRACTICE   To reduce bot repetition, identify the responses with a high bot repetition rate and use transcript search to identify why they are being repeated more than once in a conversation. Once identified, develop a solution to prevent users from getting stuck in this loop.

Escalations are an indication that users' needs weren't met when they engaged with a bot.

BEST PRACTICE   To reduce escalations, identify the bot responses with a high rate of handoffs. This high rate could indicate that the bot response was not helpful for the user and needs improvement. Use transcript search to pinpoint where this response occurs in real conversations. Make note of the information the live agent is providing to the user that the bot failed to deliver. Use this information to enhance your bot response and offer a better user experience.


  • You have a Bot Analytics license.

  • You have the View VAA Response Performance permission.

  • This feature relies on the responseID metadata value. You cannot use this feature if Calabrio ONE does not receive responseID metadata from your AI platform.

Page location

Bot Analytics > Virtual Agent Analytics > Response Performance

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