Analyze trends in key metrics

Analyze long term trends in key metrics using the Aggregated Metrics page.

View trends on the metrics across all conversation topics to do the following.

  • Understand detailed trends over time.
  • View trends by metrics such as volume, containment rate, average handle time, average response time, positive sentiment, negative sentiment, and average handoffs.
  • Determine changes in metrics compared to the previous period


  • You have a Bot Analytics license.

  • You have the View Aggregated Metrics permission.

Page location

Bot Analytics > Conversation Analytics >Aggregated Metrics


Identify and understand patterns in key metrics

The aggregated metrics page allows you to look at how important metrics such as volume, containment, and negative sentiment have evolved over time. Identify patterns in the metrics to understand if there are certain periods that are consistently underperforming. Dig into conversations to identify why certain periods are lower than others. Determine if there any strategies to prevent dips from occurring.

Select a metric to view results. Options include the following.

  • Volume

  • Containment Rate

  • Avg. Handle Time

  • Avg. Response Time

  • Positive Sentiment

  • Negative Sentiment

  • Avg. Handoffs

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