Bot Analytics frequently asked questions

  1. Why doesn't my volume match between Conversation Analytics and Virtual Agent Analytics?

    The volume between the Conversation Analytics and Virtual Agent Analytics sections are different because Conversation Analytics only recognizes conversations with identified topics by the Bot Analytics topic modeler. Virtual Agent Analytics metrics take into account all conversations, regardless of if they have a topic or not.

  2. How does Bot Analytics handle personal identifiable information?

    Bot Analytics masks personal identifiable information such as name, address, and email.

  3. When will data load from the night before?

    The exact time will vary based on the conversation volume and when it’s made available in the source

  4. How do I add more users?

    Navigate to Application Management > User Configuration > Users. Choose “Create a new user” to create a new user in Calabrio ONE. You can Edit an existing user” to edit or deactivate any user already in the system. See Create and edit users to learn more.