Configure Genesys for QM and Analytics

Use this page to configure the connection information for a Genesys call environment.

NOTE   You will need to copy Genesys library JAR files to the following folder:

C:\Program Files/Common Files/Calabrio ONE/Data Server\CtiSignaling\lib\

Field descriptions

Field Description

Hostname/IP Address

The host name/IP address of the telephony server.


The port number for the telephony server.

Client Name

(Optional) The client name for the call environment.

Client Password

(Optional) The client password for the call environment.

User Data Key

The user data key defined in the Genesys system.

Metadata Name

The metadata field with which to associate the Genesys user data key. You must create a custom metadata field for this function. For more information about creating new metadata fields, see Manage metadata fields.

Generate CDRs from Signaling Events

Select this check box to start generating contact detail records (CDRs) for an existing ACD integration with the CTI server. Calabrio ONE does not use these CDRs for reconciliation unless you also select Use CDRs for Reconciliation check box.

Use CDRs for Reconciliation

Select this check box to use the CDRs generated by the CTI server for reconciliation instead of the CDRs imported from the ACD. This check box displays after you check the Generate CDRs from Signaling Events check box.