Evaluate a contact

One of your newest agents got a call from a customer who listed their home address as Mars. You get extraterrestrial callers from time to time, and this new agent handled this one well. Give this agent high marks.

  1. Click Interactions in the top menu. A list of recorded contacts appears.
  2. Double-click the contact. The media player opens.

    NOTE   For more information on how to search for a contact with filters, see Search for specific contacts (use filters).

  3. In the Evaluation (Unscored) panel (lower-right corner of the page), select an evaluation form from the Choose Evaluation drop-down list.

    NOTE   To open the evaluation panel in a separate window, click the undock icon . To return the form to its original place, close the window.

  4. As needed, click Play and Pause to review the contact.
  5. Complete the evaluation form.
  6. (Optional) To add a comment:

    • About the contact as a whole, click Add a form comment, enter the comment, and click Add Comment.
    • About a section in the evaluation form, click Add a section comment, enter the comment, and click Add Comment.
    • About a question in the form, click Add a question comment, enter the comment, and click Add Comment.

    EXAMPLE   The agent handled the call excellently except for verifying the caller’s location. In the Introduction section of the form, you add a section comment: “When a caller says they’re calling from Mars, make sure to verify their planetary coordinates. Some callers who say they’re on Mars are actually calling from Neptune.”

  7. When you are finished with the evaluation, click the options icon ( upper-right corner right of the Evaluation panel).
  8. Select Complete from the drop-down menu. The Evaluation (Unscored) panel changes to Evaluation (Scored) or Evaluation (Needs Approval).
  9. Click Close (the X, upper-right corner right of the media player) to go back to the list of recordings.