Backlog management

Back-office work is fundamentally different from Incoming Phone Contacts and Chat Contacts. These other types of contacts normally have a customer who is waiting for an immediate response and represent a conversation in real time. Back-office work can arrive in a workplace by email or from other digital sources. However, the work time necessary to complete the task does not have to be completed in real time with a customer waiting. Back-office tasks can be queued and waiting when the back-office team is not scheduled to work.

For back-office operations, new tasks can arrive frequently and have a target time to completion within SLA (within 30 days). In Calabrio WFM, you can set an Extended service level target where the handle within setting for back-office skills can be up to 30 days. Before any scheduling is done, the forecasted incoming volume will be distributed evenly across open days within the period. For example, if the skill is closed on Sundays, more volumes will be distributed to other days where the skill is open. When agents are scheduled, the forecasted volumes to be handled and forecasted agents for each day will be updated to be on par with the scheduled resources. The projected remaining volume will be regularly updated into other days in the period. For forecasting and scheduling with an extended service level target, see the below steps.

NOTE   Forecast and scheduled resources are calculated hourly. Therefore, you must wait for one hour before the updated staffing appears in your forecast and schedules.

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