Transition data from Classic Calabrio WFM to the new Calabrio WFM

The transition tool helps you transition agents, schedule, forecast, and queue statistics from your Classic Calabrio WFM installation to your new Calabrio WFM installation. It also sets some default values for you to get started more quickly. See WFM data transition overview for details on what data that is transitioned.

The transition tool works for both cloud and on-premises installations of Classic Calabrio WFM.

Select a small part of the organization to transition to try it out, or select to import the whole organization at once. You can transition data for the same period and the same teams again to get the most recent information. Note that any changes you have done to the transitioned data, such as schedules or agent information, are overwritten when you transfer data for the same organization and the same period again. Any default values in the new Calabrio WFM which you have changed are not overwritten.

NOTE   The maximum session time for the data transition is 1 hour. For large organizations it is therefore a good idea to transition data for a shorter period to start with, to see how long it takes. The first time often takes the longest, because many items are created and configured.

IMPORTANT   A user's email addresses must be valid and configured on the customer SMTP prior to adding a new user to Calabrio ONE or updating an existing user's email address in Calabrio ONE. Otherwise, Calabrio ONE cannot send emails to the user's email address. This message is only applicable to organizations that have configured users to receive activation and welcome emails to set their passwords.


  • You have the Super administrator role.
  • The transition tool is made available in your installation.
  • The Classic Calabrio WFM installation is on version 10.4 or later.
  • The Classic Calabrio WFM server is accessible from the new Calabrio WFM server.
  • You have a Classic Calabrio WFM user with the following permissions.

    • Application Management > Administer WFM
    • Schedule > Administer schedules
    • Schedule > Plan schedules
    • Access to all the groups and teams to transition.

Page location

WFM > WFM settings > Getting started > Transfer from other system


Authenticate for transition of data

  1. On the Authenticate tab, enter the Base URL. This is the URL that you use when you access Classic Calabrio WFM.
  2. Enter the Classic Calabrio WFM Username and Password for the account to use for transitioning the data.

    NOTE   The password is not the SSO password, but the password set in Calabrio ONE.

  3. Enter the Tenant ID. You only need to enter a tenant ID if the account has access to more than one tenant.
  4. Click Authenticate.
  5. Continue by selecting what to transition.

Select what to transition

  1. On the Organization tab, select the teams and groups to transition. Click Toggle all to clear the selection of all teams if you only want to select a few.

    The number of agents connected to each team is shown.

    NOTE   Users who do not belong to any team are not transitioned.

  2. Click Next.
  3. On the Date range tab, define the Data range for forecasts and schedules. This is the period for which to transition available forecasts and schedules. Normally, you want to transition forecasts and schedules from the past months or years to keep the history and the already created forecasts and schedules for the upcoming months.
  4. Define the Years of historical stats to transition, between 1 to 5 years. This is the queue statistics for the queues connected to the skills which are assigned to the agents in the part of the organization that you have selected.
  5. Click Next.
  6. An overview of the data to be transitioned is shown. Review it to ensure it is correct. If it is not, click Back to go back and adjust the selection.
  7. Click Save to start the transition. The teams, forecasts and schedules are transitioned first. When this is done, the transition of the queue statistics continues in the background.
  8. You can keep working in the system while the transition is running, but it's a good idea to keep this browser tab open until the transition is done. When it finishes without any issues, the Authenticate view is shown again and the finished transition is listed in the Transitions table.
  9. If something goes wrong, the message Saving failed is shown. This might be because the transition took longer than an hour. Select a shorter date range and try again. If that does not help, contact Calabrio support for assistance.

Follow up

When you return to the Transfer from another system view, the latest transition is listed in the Transitions table. The time when the transition finished is stated.

  • Click Details to see what has been transitioned. This information lists all transitioned data, not just the data transitioned in the latest transition.

Review the transitioned data

The goal of the WFM data transition is to give you a good starting point, but it does not set up a complete configuration. Therefore it is important to review the transitioned data and the default values when the transition is done. There are also some areas where no configuration is done, and where you might need to do that configuration manually.

The WFM data transition overview topic contains information on what data that is transitioned, where default values are set, and other areas where additional configuration might be needed. It also gives you information on what is important to think about in your review, and where you can find more information on how to handle the different areas.

Delete transitioned data

Delete all the transitioned data and start over if you want to.

  1. Click Details in the Transitions table.
  2. Click Delete.

    NOTE   This will delete the default values and all data transitioned from that host.

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