Create master activities

Create master activities to design flexible shifts. The master activity is a placeholder for a few selected activities. When scheduling, the master activity for each block of the shift is replaced with the activity that is needed the most according to the forecast. With master activities you can achieve flexible shifts without having to create shifts with all possible combinations of activities.

NOTE   Be careful to not create too complex shifts with master activities, as that will increase the time it takes to schedule and optimize. Even if the number of shifts in the shift bag is a lot fewer, the number of possibilities for the scheduling algorithm to consider grows fast.

EXAMPLE   A shift has four blocks of the master activity; start of shift to short break, short break to lunch, lunch to short break and short break to end of shift. There are three activities connected to the master activity. This shift alone gives 81 different possibilities (3x3x3x3=81).


  • You have the Options permission.
  • There are activities where the Requires skill check box is selected.

Page location

Client > Options > Scheduling > Master activity


Create a master activity

Create a master activity that can be replaced with any of the included activities during scheduling and optimization.

  1. Click Add.

    A new master activity is added to the Master activity menu and automatically selected.

  2. Enter a Name for the new master activity.
  3. Select a Color.

    The master activity color is only shown in the Shifts module.

  4. Select the activities to include and use the arrow buttons to move them to the Selected activities field.
  5. Click Apply to save.

Delete a master activity

  • Select the master activity to delete in the Master activity menu.
  • Click Delete.
  • Click Yes to the confirmation question.
  • Click Apply to save.

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