Requests per Agent report

This report shows how many requests the agents have initiated during a period of time, summarized per agent. The report shows the type of request (absence, shift trade, overtime or text request) and if the requests have been approved or denied. Any waitlisted requests which are canceled by the agent before they are approved or denied are not listed in the report.

The report answers questions like:

  • What absence requests were sent in by each agent last month, and were they approved?
  • What shift trade requests were sent in last week and were they approved or not?

The data in this report is always shown in the agents' local time zones.

Use the Not defined option in the team and agent selection to show logged data which is not connected to any agent and team.

Page location

WFM > Reports > Requests per agent

Fields in this report

Field Description
Application date

The date when the request was initiated.

Request period

The start and end date for the request.


The type of the request; absence, overtime or shift trade request.


The status this request is currently in.


The number of requests sent.

Requested days

The number of days for which requests have been sent.

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