Manage what to show in the chart

Use the chart in Schedules and Forecasts to visualize data from the table. The chart gives you a better overview of the information and how it varies over the selected period.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Schedules permission to change the chart in Schedules.
  • You have the Forecasts permission to change the chart in Forecasts.

Page location

This page can be reached from different locations.

  • Client > Schedules
  • Client > Forecasts > Open forecast


Manage what data to display in the chart

Select to show the rows that you want to follow up on in the chart.

NOTE   Some data are only shown for certain channel types. If you want to show that type of data, first select a skill of that channel type.

  1. Select the Home tab and ensure that the Chart button is selected and the chart visible.
  2. Select the Chart tab.
  3. Select what level to work on.

    • In Forecasts, select to view Workload or Skill and on what level.
    • In Schedules, the level is controlled by what is selected for the table view.
  4. Select the table row that you want to display in the chart.
  5. Click the Grid in chart button to select to show the values in the selected row. When the button shows an open eye, the values are shown in the chart.
  6. Select to display the values as Lines or Bars.
  7. Click the left or right arrow to select the y axis to show the values on.

    Place similar values on the same y axis to make the chart easier to read.

  8. Click Select color to pick a color for the line or bars.
  9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 to add data from another row to the chart.
  10. To remove data from the chart, select that row and click the Grid in chart button. When the button shows a closed eye, the values are not shown in the chart.

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