Evaluation Calibration

This report shows the results of a calibration session based on the Contact ID. It does not display standard evaluation scores

NOTE   This report is only available when the “View Evaluator Details” permission is enabled.

Fields in this report



Call Duration

The contact’s talk time (amount of time between call answered and call dropped).

Called Number

The DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) number of the phone that received the call. Displays “unknown” if the called number is unlisted or blocked.

Calling Number

The Caller ID or ANI (Automatic Number Identification) of the calling party. Displays “unknown” if the calling number is unlisted or blocked.

Contact Date

The date the contact occurred.

Contact ID

The conversation’s unique ID.

Contact Time

The time when the contact occurred.

Eval Form

The evaluation form used to score the contact.

Evaluator Name

The first and last name of the person who evaluated or calibrated the contact. Only available on requested reports if the View Evaluator Details permission is enabled. This value is always displayed on scheduled reports.

Form Comments

The comments for a form. Anyone who can view the evaluation can add a comment.


Key Performance Indicator.

Possible Score

The actual question that appears in the evaluation form.


The text of the question that appears in the evaluation form.

Question Type

The type of question based on the possible answer: Yes/No or 0–5.


The evaluation score given to the contact.


The name of the section in the evaluation form.

Section Score (%)

The section score given to the contact.

Weight (%)

A percentage applied to a section or question in an evaluation form. The sum of question weights in a evaluation form section is 100 percent.