Export a contact

You can download a contact to play it outside of the Calabrio ONE media player. Calabrio ONE exports recordings in WebM format. These recordings might play automatically on your device, or you might need to download an open-source media player like VLC Media Player (available from videolan.com).

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  • You have the Export Recordings permission.
  • You are subscribed to the Recording Export notification.
  • Your device can play WebM files.


Export a recording

  1. Select a recording.
  2. Click Export Contact . The Export Contact window opens.
  3. Select the format to export the media files.
  4. Click Export.
  5. Click OK. You receive a notification when the contact export has finished.

    NOTE   The time needed to export a contact depends on the length of the recording and whether it includes a screen recording.

  6. Open the Alerts list (the bell icon) at the top of your window and select the Export of Contact <ID> is ready for download notification. The Alert Notification window opens.
  7. Follow the prompts to download the recording.

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