Create a contact

If your agents interact with customers in other ways besides over the phone, you can still evaluate their non-call activities by manually creating a contact.

Examples of non-call activities include:

  • Monitoring an agent’s screen
  • Performing customer service counter work
  • Chatting
  • Emailing
  • Interacting on social media

An evaluator can assign an evaluation form, evaluate the contact, and insert contact metadata.

If you plan to evaluate a manually created contact, you should also use an evaluation form that is specifically created for non-call activities. This allows Dashboard and Reports to accurately report non-call activities. For more information about configuring evaluations, see Advice for evaluation forms.

Create a contact

  1. Click the List options icon.
  2. Click Create Contact.
  3. Enter or select the date and time that the contact occurred. The default is today’s date.

    NOTE   The same user cannot be associated with multiple manually created contacts that occur simultaneously.

  4. Select a team, agent, and evaluation form.
  5. Click Create.