Manage users in WFM and QM/Analytics

If you have WFM and QM/Analytics, an admin must manage users manually. There is no automatic user sync between these applications.


  • You have permission for Web > People > Add new employees
  • You have permission for People > Can change and save
  • A business hierarchy with sites and teams is defined.
  • Skills are created.
  • External logons are available through an ACD integration.
  • Contracts, contract schedules and part-time percentages are created to define the agents' work time.
  • A shift bag is created.
  • To approve absence requests based on budget allowance or use the Budgets module to create staffing budgets, a budget group must be created.
  • Roles are created.
  • A workflow control set is created.

Page location

Application Management > Users

Web > People

Client > People