Configure part-time percentages

Create part-time percentage values to use in combination with the contracts to define the average work time per day for the agents.


The agent's work time for a schedule period is always calculated based on the combination of their contract, contract schedule and part-time percentage.

  • The contract defines the average work time per workday.
  • The contract schedule defines the number of workdays per week.
  • The part-time percentage defines the percentage that the agent works out of the average work time per day defined in their contract.

Create part-time percentages to complement the contracts you create.

  • If you use specific contracts for all part-time agents that define their exact average work time per day, you only need a part-time percentage of 100%.
  • If you assign the full-time contract to the part-time agents, create part-time percentages to adjust the average daily work time for these agents.


  • You have the Options permission.

Page location

Client > Options > Contract > Part-time percentages


Create a part-time percentage

  1. Click New part-time percentage.
  2. Enter a Name to describe the part-time percentage.
  3. Enter a Percentage value for the part-time percentage.
  4. Click Apply to save.

Delete a part-time percentage

Delete part-time percentages that are no longer in use and for which you no longer need to keep the history.

  1. Select the part-time percentage to delete in the Part-time percentage menu.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Yes to the confirmation question.
  4. Click Apply to save.

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