Read the transcription of an audio recording

In the Transcription panel, you can review the transcription of an audio recording.

Contact Type: Call

Contact Content: Has Transcription

Licenses Required: Calabrio ONE Access, Analytics Lite or Analytics

Permissions Required: View Contacts, View Speech to Text Analytics

The panel displays this transcription as text bubbles. When you play back a recording, Calabrio ONE highlights the text bubble of the current speaker. You can click a specific text bubble to skip to it. You can also click the Options icon to take the following actions:

  • Find—Search the transcription.
  • Print—Print the transcription.

Phrase hits from Speech-to-Text Analytics tasks are highlighted in yellow. The color and position of the text bubbles vary based on the type of recording.

Color Recording Type Description


Text bubbles for the inbound audio stream are blue and right-aligned, and text bubbles for the outbound stream are gray and left-aligned.


Text bubbles for the audio stream are blue and left-aligned.

If you have Calabrio Analytics features installed, the text bubbles also include icons that represent any associated negative or positive sentiment scores.

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