Sharing your view of an Insights dashboard

While interacting with a published dashboard, you can choose to share a unique link to the dashboard with only your changes. For example, if you filter the data in the dashboard, you can share what you see with others who have permissions to see the dashboard. That way, they can see what you see, without your having to create a new dashboard.

When others access your view of the dashboard by using the link that you sent them, they see the dashboard exactly as it was when the link was created. They see any parameters, filters, or controls that you changed.

The link to your view of the dashboard is available to anyone who you send it to for up to three months.

To share your view of a dashboard

  1. Open the published dashboard, and make any changes that you want.

  2. Choose Share at upper right, and then choose Share this view.

  3. On the Share using a link page that opens, choose Copy link.

  4. Paste the link in an email or IM message to share it with others.

    Only people with permissions to see the dashboard in Insights can access the link.