Manage campaigns for several skills

Apply campaigns to adjust the forecast for a specific period when there are events or circumstances that affect the volume or handling time. A campaign can either increase or decrease the volume or handling time.

  • A planned TV ad campaign is expected to cause larger call and chat volumes.

  • A new product is rolled out and the initial support of it is expected to cause longer handling times during the first couple of weeks.

  • A lot of customers are calling in about a known issue and this is expected to continue for the next week but because the agents already know the solution, the calls only take about half as long as they usually do.

The named campaigns can be applied to several skills.

You can see the details of each named campaign when you open the forecast in the web Forecasts tool. In the WFM client Forecasts module, the named campaigns are included in the total campaign percentages.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Web > Forecasts permission.
  • A skill is created.

Page location

WFM > Forecasts


Create a new campaign

  1. Click Manage and select Campaigns.

  2. Click New campaign.

  3. Enter a Name for the campaign.

  4. Enter a campaign percentage for the number of tasks, the task time, or the after task time.

  5. Select for which dates this campaign runs.

  6. Select a Color for the campaign. The campaign color is shown in the campaign view and when opening the forecast in the web Forecasts tool.

  7. Click Create.

Add campaigns to skills

  1. Click Manage and select Campaigns.

  2. Click in the Skills field and then select the skills for which you want to add campaigns. Enter a few characters from the name of the skill to find it more easily.

  3. Click in the Campaigns field and select the campaigns to add to the selected skills.

  4. Click Apply.

Update the campaign percentage or campaign dates

  1. Click Manage and select Campaigns.

  2. Click the Edit button for the campaign.

  3. Make the adjustments.

  4. Click Save.

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