Calibrate evaluators

A calibration is a special type of evaluation that allows multiple users to evaluate a single contact. Calibration helps ensure consistency among evaluators by allowing you to compare how different evaluators completed the same evaluation.

If a contact is marked for calibration, an evaluator can complete the evaluation form as a calibration as well as a standard quality evaluation. Make sure to select the appropriate mode when you evaluate a contact.

Only the Evaluation Calibration report includes the calibration score. Neither team nor agent results in Dashboard or Reports include the calibration score.

NOTE   When a contact is scored as a standard quality evaluation, it appears as scored when you search for All Evaluations or My Evaluations. When it is scored as a calibration, it appears as scored when you search for My Pending Calibrations.

Find contacts marked for calibration

  1. On the Interactions page, click the Filter list icon. The Filters panel opens.
  2. Configure a filter set that includes the Search Scope filter, with the criteria of My Pending Calibrations.
  3. Click Apply. The filter results display all contacts within your scope that are marked for calibration.

Evaluation calibration report

The Evaluation report displays calibrated evaluation score results. It reports only scored evaluations marked for calibration. It does not display standard evaluation scores. Use this report to evaluate your evaluators.

NOTE   You must have the View Evaluator Details permission enabled in order to have access to this report.

NOTE   This report might take several minutes to generate.