About Bot Management Reports (BMR) and Bot Peformance Reports (BPR)

You can view and download the most recent reports on the Bot Management Reports (BMR) page and Bot Performance Reports (BPR) page.


  • You have a Bot Analytics license.
  • You have the View Bot Management Report permission.
  • You have the View Bot Performance Report permission.

Page location

Bot Analytics > Business Insights > Bot Management Report

Bot Analytics > Business Insights > Bot Performance Report

Business insights

A BMR provides a high-level overview of bot performance in a specific quarter and the financial impact of implementing all pending items in the backlog.

A BPR provides a snapshot of the current sprint cycle. It showcases new recommendations with supporting forecasts and shows how previous recommendations performed in production in comparison to what was forecasted.

To access historical reports that are uploaded, click View past reports in the upper-right corner and select a report.