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Negative feedback

  • Negative feedback can be a big culprit that blocks you from hitting your KPIs. The metric is weighted heavily against other indicators such as True Resolved Rate, Bot Automation Score, and Bot Experience Score.

  • Review the Response Performance section to see a full breakdown of all your active bot responses, and to see where the impacts of negative feedback occurred.

  • Look at the responses that had a high percentage in negative feedback rates. The total number of negative feedback is displayed, along with the total percentage, giving insight into what responses customers might leave the most negative feedback on. You must prioritize and identify improvements for these responses.

  • It is important to note the volume at which the responses are triggered, along with the feedback rate. This helps you to prioritize the responses that need to be improved.

  • Responses can receive negative feedback for many reasons. Either the content is poor and does not answer the question properly, the content structure is long or too confusing, the intents mapped to the response are experiencing a high volume of false positives and therefore giving customers the incorrect response, and so on.

  • When it comes to moving the needle on negative feedback, adding a transactional use case can really enhance an experience and provide the customer with a quick and effective resolution.

  • Reviewing transcripts to understand how users are responding to experiences that have high negative feedback can also provide insights. A customer might give a thumbs down, or simply escalate, but they might also ask their question again and reiterate what they were hoping to achieve with the interaction.

  • No feedback is good feedback because customers usually go out of their way to give negative feedback.

  • If you provide troubleshooting steps, you receive negative feedback if your response is not doing the correct thing.

  • Sometimes an escalation cannot be avoided. Give the user an opportunity instead of trying to bring them through an experience that should end up with an agent.