Identify new optimization opportunities

It is important to identify new opportunities for improvement such as content gaps, new use cases, or bot enhancements to existing flows.

Content gaps are a huge component of building advanced bots. You want to be sure to cover all the topics that your users might ask your bot about. Any questions that do not have an intent end up in the Unclassified Messages section of Bot Analytics.

The unclassified messages are broken into Suggested Categories and Suggested Topics. This helps the user to quickly identify topics that are not covered in the bot corpus or opportunities to enhance the training.

As you can see in the below example, of all the unclassified messages for the filtered date, 4.21% has the common category of “competitor”. Furthermore, 33.33% of the messages that mentioned “competitor” asked something about the ability to price match online. We can also see there are other competitor topics that were discussed.

After reviewing the above topics and messages, it looks like there is an excellent opportunity to add content about price matching with competing brands so users know what the policies are.

In the Messages section, you can see that we have selected the ‘N’ for “New Intent” next to each message.

This makes it easier for us to identify what do with these messages after exporting them. The export feature is located in the upper-right corner. It provides you with a CSV file that has all the headers you need. Before the export, you get a preview that looks like this:

When it comes to creating the new intent, you have all the information in one place and can easily review, copy, and paste the messages directly into your corpus. You can also find content gaps on the Intent Performance page. You can select specific intents to view all of the false-positive messages that came in and mapped at a low threshold to that intent. Reviewing these messages can give you insight into what intents you might still be missing and can add training for.