Manage Data Management users

Data Management users are Calabrio ONE users who are licensed and granted roles for Data Management. The User Settings page allows you to view read-only user information and to configure and manage extra attributes unique to Data Management for those users.

On the User Settings page, users are grouped under the tenant account in the left panel and details for individual users are displayed in the right panel.


  • Data Management System Administration permission

Page location

Application Management > Data Management > User Settings

About extra attributes

Extra attributes are essentially fields you can add to the account, as if you were adding fields to the Details panel and then entering values in those fields. You can select an attribute from the list of available attributes provided, or you can create your own custom attribute. One of the most common reasons for a custom attribute is to have a value that can be used dynamically in a report or a dashboard, such as a department name or a territory name.

The list of available attributes includes attributes in these categories:

  • Account details
  • Product content
  • Look and feel
  • Asserted configuration
  • Account metrics
  • Calendar configuration

Many extra attributes are inheritable. Other attributes, such as a username, are not. Each of these attributes is unique to a specific account. Attributes set at the tenant level can be configured to be inherited by all the users under that tenant.



The auto-group feature creates a group of all the users under a tenant account. This group can then be used to deliver reports to all users within the group.

By default, tenant accounts have the auto-group feature enabled. The feature cannot be disabled.