Create and manage tenants in the UDM

IMPORTANT    Calabrio Data Management has been declared End of Sale as of November 1st, 2023 and is no longer available for purchase.

If a tenant is using a connector to access data from a data source other than the Calabrio ONE databases, the tenant must have a database account configured in the UDM (Unified Data Mart). This is not necessary if the tenant is using only data from the Calabrio ONE databases.

The configured connector brings in data from that other data source and loads it into the UDM database. The tenant can then use Data Explorer to create reports from the UDM database, or from a combination of the UDM database and the Calabrio ONE databases.

EXAMPLE   The Acme Co.’s instance of Calabrio ONE is configured to use a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise ACD in its contact center. However, they also use an Amazon Connect ACD and want to create reports using that data, which includes many fields not in the Calabrio ONE databases. A connector is used to bring the Amazon Connect data into the UDM and make it available to Data Explorer.

NOTE   This task is normally handled by Professional Services.


  • Data UDM Administration permission

Page location

Application Management > Data Management > Unified Data Mart Administration


Add the tenant to the UDM

  1. Open the Unified Data Mart Administration page. A blank Provision Tenant page is displayed.
  2. Complete the fields on the page.

    Field Description
    Tenant ID Enter the tenant’s Calabrio ONE tenant ID.
    Tenant Name Enter the tenant’s name.
    Tenant Host Select the server where the UDM database is hosted from the drop-down list. If the UDM database is in the Cloud, select AWS. If the UDM database is on premises, select OP.
    RO Username Enter a username for a database user with read-only access. This field and the RO Password field create this database user account. The username must be a valid Postgres value.
    RO Password Enter a password for the read-only database user account. The password must be a valid Postgres value.
    Select Connector Select the appropriate connector for the data source.
  3. Click Submit.

Edit an existing UDM tenant

  1. Open the Unified Data Mart Administration page. A blank Provision Tenant page is displayed.
  2. In the left panel, click Tenants > Manage to display a list of configured tenants.
  3. Locate the desired tenant in the list. To help you find the tenant, you can:

    • Sort the table by any of the table columns.
    • Enter a string in the search field to filter the table to only entries that contain that string.
  4. Click Edit next to the desired tenant to display the Update tenant dialog box.
  5. Make the needed changes, and then click Update.