Manage teams for QM and Analytics

A team is a collection of one or more agents.

The Teams page allows you to manage teams for synced and non-synced systems. You can also import and export teams.

NOTE   The following overview of how teams in Calabrio ONE sync with teams in the ACD does not apply to Amazon Connect. For more information about how teams in Calabrio ONE sync with teams in Amazon Connect, see Connection settings for Amazon Connect (for QM and Analytics).

In a synced system, teams are created in the ACD and synced to Calabrio ONE. The sync is one way from the ACD to Calabrio ONE. If a team has agents assigned to it in the ACD, then those agents are assigned to that team in Calabrio ONE. For these teams, you cannot change the team name or the agents assigned to the team.

BEST PRACTICE   When the ACD is synced with Calabrio ONE, do not create teams in Calabrio ONE because these teams will not be synced with the ACD.

In a non-synced system, you can create and manage teams in Calabrio ONE as desired.

Field definitions

Use the Teams page to create, edit, import, or export teams. If your ACD syncs team data with Calabrio ONE, consult the documentation to understand how that affects any changes you make here.

The fields on the Teams page are described below.

Field Description

Team Name

Enter a name for the team. The team name cannot be the name an existing group, an existing team, or the name of the tenant this team is part of. Synced team names are read-only.

Select Team

Select an existing team. The list displays active teams by default.

Show inactive teams

Select this check box to display both active and inactive teams in the Select Team field. “Inactive” appears next to inactive teams in the Select Team list.

When cleared, only active teams appear in the Select Team field.

This field appears only when you are editing an existing team.

Activate this team

To activate the team, select this check box. Teams are activated by default. Clear this check box to deactivate the team.

Creation Date

(Read-only) The date the team record was created.

Deactivation Date

(Read-only) The date the team record was deactivated. As long as the team record is active, this field is not visible. When this field is visible, it displays the date of the team record’s most recent deactivation.

This field only appears when you clear the “Activate this team” check box.


Select the group in which this team should be placed.


Assign the desired agents to the team. In a synced system, you cannot change the list of agents assigned to the synced team.

Include this team in productivity reports

Select this check box if you want this team’s statistics to be included when the Calabrio ONE capture service compiles productivity statistics.

Stage Upload Location

Select this check box to associate the team and Stage Upload Data Server. This check box is available only if the Staged Upload component is enabled for a Data Server in your system.

Users who are assigned to this team will use Staged Upload only if they are also associated with a correctly-configured QM Workflow Daily Event. For more information about Two-Stage Upload, see “Configuring the Staged Upload Component” in the Design Guide for Cloud Deployments.

Storage Profiles

Select a storage profile to associate with this team. The default storage profile for this field is the default set in Storage Profiles (Application Management > System Configuration > Storage Profiles).

If you change the storage profile for the team, new recordings are stored in the new storage profile, but existing recordings remain in the original storage profile.

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