How data for QM and Analytics syncs between the ACD and Calabrio ONE

NOTE   The following overview does not apply to Amazon Connect. For more information about how Calabrio ONE syncs with Amazon Connect, see Connection settings for Amazon Connect (for QM and Analytics).

Calabrio ONE can synchronize data with some ACDs. For synchronization information on specific ACDs, see the integration guide for that ACD on the Calabrio Success Center. The Sync Service automatically extracts the following information from an ACD and loads it into Calabrio ONE:

  • Agents
  • Teams
  • Relationships between agents and teams

NOTE   When the ACD syncs new data, such as new agents or teams, and you are already logged in, you cannot view them. Your scope is determined when you log in. Since these teams and users were created after you logged in, you will not have scope over them until you log out and then log in again.

NOTE   Any teams, agents, or relationships you create in Calabrio ONE are not synced back to the ACD. They are maintained only in Calabrio ONE.