How team data for QM and Analytics syncs between the ACD and Calabrio ONE

When team data is changed in the ACD, the Sync service detects it and makes several changes in Calabrio ONE. The following table summarizes these changes.

Change in the ACD Resulting Change in Calabrio ONE

New team is added

New team is added with the same name.

Makes any agent who is a member of the team in the ACD a member of the team in Calabrio ONE.

Team name is changed

Team name is changed.

New agent is added to the team

New agent is added to the team.

Team is changed

No change.

Agent is removed from a team

No change.

You can create new teams in Calabrio ONE and assign agents to them, but these new teams are not synchronized back to the ACD.

An agent can belong to only one team. If you move an agent from one team to another in Calabrio ONE, you do not affect that agent’s team assignment in the ACD.