Repurpose an Avaya ACD ID for QM and Analytics

The Repurpose ACD ID feature enables you to reuse ACD IDs from your Avaya system in Calabrio ONE. While maintaining all your historical data, it removes the ACD ID association from an inactive user (for example, one who has left your contact center) and allows you to assign it to a new user. This feature is only available for Avaya systems.

When you repurpose an ACD ID, the following associations are removed from the inactive user:

  • ACD ID
  • User profile from the Avaya ACD

After the ID is repurposed, the inactive user is no longer synced with the ACD, and no further data for the inactive user is extracted from the ACD.

All future data that is extracted from the ACD for the repurposed ID will be associated with the new user.

Repurpose an Avaya ACD ID

  1. In Calabrio ONE, navigate to the Users page, and then select the inactive user.
  2. (Optional) Clear the Activate this user check box.

    BEST PRACTICE    Repurposing users’ ACD IDs does not affect their activation status. If users are no longer active in Calabrio ONE, deactivate them before you repurpose their ACD IDs.

  3. Click Repurpose ACD ID.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Configure the new user in the ACD. The next time Calabrio ONE syncs with the ACD, a new user with the repurposed ID will be added in Calabrio ONE.