Import and export groups for QM and Analytics

Select the “Import and export groups” option to import new or edited groups or export existing groups. The import and export data is in CSV format.

Export group data

  • Click Export. Calabrio ONE downloads the file (named groups.csv) to your PC.

Import group data

  1. Click Choose File, navigate to your group CSV file, and then click Open to display the file column headers. The file must include columns for the following data in any order. The columns can use these names as the header, or a name you choose (for instance, “Name” could be “Group Name”). If you use different column names, you must map each custom name to the appropriate Calabrio ONE name.

    Column Header Description

    Group ID

    The group’s ID in the ACD. You can identify the ID number by exporting group data and viewing it in the resulting CSV file.

    If the group is a new group, the ID must be set to 0 (zero) or the import will fail.


    The name of the group.

    Activated Date

    The date the group was activated.

    Deactivated Date

    The date the group was deactivated.

  2. Map the required Calabrio ONE import fields to the appropriate field in the CSV file and configure that field’s data type, or select an existing mapping from the Use Existing Mapping drop-down field..

    NOTE   If you are creating a new mapping, once you have configured how your import file fields are mapped to the Calabrio ONE fields, you can name the mapping and then save it for reuse.

  3. Click Import.

    NOTE   If you import a group with a Group ID that already exists in the database, the imported data for that Group ID overwrites the data in the database.